YouTube distractions

Amazing the time sink that youtube can become, I love browsing videos to check out the latest movie trailers, funny skits, tutorials or video reviews. All of these I consider to be distractions, but not wasteful ones.


Do you enjoy re-cut trailers

re-cut guardians of the star wars

Do you love to watch re-cut trailers? If you are wondering what re-cut trailers are, then, continue to read this article. These are quite popular, and you might have seen them. These re-cut trailers are also known as the retailers and these act as parody trailers for a movie. These are created by editing the complete footage from the movie. Sometimes, these are also mashed up from the original trailers. They make people laugh by doing a misrepresentation of the original movie. For example, a movie having a murderous plot will be made to look like a comedy movie.

Where do you most frequently catch movie trailers?

movie trailer

Trailers are the most interesting part before the launching of a movie. The main aim of a trailer is to pique the interest pique of the audience.

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